Look What's Cooking at Lotzah!

A Lotzah Burger and a Summer Smash Burger Poutine

The Summer Smash Burger Poutine.

Two summer smash burgers and a basket of french fries.

Why have on Lotzah burger when you can have two? We'll make as many as you need.

A deconstructed Lotzah and Summer Smash Burger

The Best Burgers in Kingston about to be put together. 

A Braised Beef Poutine and a Chicken Tikka Poutine

The Pulled Pork and Chicken Tikka Poutine.

A Lotzah! Summer Smash Burger

The Lotzah Summer Smash Burger.

A Lotzah Smash Burger Poutine

The Original Lotzah Burger Poutine.

A Keto Friendly Lotzah! Burger Salad

Don't need the extra carbs? All of our award winning burgers are available as a salad!

An In House Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich and French Fries

Our Pulled Pork is smoked on site and tossed in our original house BBQ sauce

A Mushroom and Swiss Cheese Lotzah Burger and a Summer Smash Burger

Beautiful Burgers in the Sunlight.

The Lotzah Container Kitchen

Where the magic happens.

A Lotzah BLT

The amazing Lotzah BLT.

Lotzah In House Smoked Wings Tossed in House Made Sauce

Our house smoked sauced and tossed chicken wings.

A Lotzah Burger With Bacon And a Holiday Turkey and Cranberry Poutine

The Holiday Exclusive Turkey and Cranberry Sauce Poutine.

Grilled Cheese Pulled Pork Taco?!

A Lotzah Backyard Burger and French Fries

Our Backyard Burger and Fries. Is there a more iconic food combo?

A Lotzah Original Poutine with Real Cheese Curd

A beautiful bite of our original poutine.

A Mushroom and Swiss Lotzah! Burger

Check back every month if you don't want to miss a special!

A Lotzah Cranberry and Turkey Holiday Poutine

Just wait for the holidays...

A St. Patrick's Day Pot O' Gold Poutine with Corned Beef and Edible Gold Flakes

Yes, that is real gold. The Pot O' Gold Poutine.

A Lotzah Burger with Onion Rings

Can't beat onion rings on a burger.

Two Baskets of Lotzah Chicken Wings

All our sauces are made in house!