About Us

Lotzah! was founded in 2021 by Michelle McNamee and Jack Mead with one simple goal. Give Kingston the gift of the smash burger, and pair it with some of the best chip truck fries you've ever had. With our focus on gourmet ingredients, fun, and flavour every Lotzah! creation is a carefully constructed work of culinary art. Everything is made in house, from the filling of our signature wontons, to the sauces and dips. Even our pulled pork and chicken wings are smoked on site and given the love and care that quality smoked meats need to make the best pulled pork poutine you've ever had.

Since opening, our signature Lotzah! Smash Burger, Soups, Poutines and french fries have won multiple awards in Kingston, and we couldn't be more grateful and happy to be part of the Kingston Food Truck community.

The Awards and Plaques Awarded to the Lotzah Food Truck
A list of Awards given to the Lotzah Food Truck in Kingston